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19 Sep

The day that you’ve been planning ever since you were little has finally arrived!  After all of the months of planning, you want to look and feel your best when you lock eyes with your soul mate at the end of the aisle.  Wedding day beauty should not begin on the day, whilst you’re sitting in the stylist’s chair, it does start in advance so you can look your best on the big day!  To help you, we’ve complied a few pointers for you…


Great bridal locks does require a little love and devotion.  We all know that persistent washing, drying and styling can damage hair.  Split ends and those little bits that stick up (where do they come from?!) are not the best look to rock.  Experts recommend Vitamin B, which helps bring out the natural shine.  Foods like fish, nuts and eggs will give you a good head start.  Deep conditioning treatments, and other products such as oils can help hair feel silky and manageable.

It’s also recommended to have an invigorating scalp massage.  Amy, Spa Therapist at Fusion Spa says, “The Fusion Scalp Ritual is 25 minutes long, and is a soothing treatment which can relax the mind, letting you forget about the wedding planning for a short time.  It is a deeply relaxing massage that will relieve stress and stimulate the scalp and hair follicles.

Fusion Scalp Ritual
Fusion Scalp Ritual

Face, Eyes & Neck

There are many avenues to consider when considering the care for your face.  The worst kept secret to great skin is to drink lots of water.  If you do feel like you are fighting a losing battle with acne, a dermatologist will be able to advise you further.  However, if you’re trying to get a brighter complexion, a series of facials can clear blackheads, get rid of dead skins cells and improve circulation.

Jade Senior Spa Therapist from Fusion Spa says, “I’d recommend getting a facial once a month, around 6-9 months before your wedding date.  It is not recommended to get one within 10 days of your wedding though, and certainly not the day before!  This is a perfect treatment for brides and grooms to get camera ready.  We offer Elemis Signature Facials, and the right one for you would depend on your skin type.  They include anti-blemish, brightening and lift and contour.

Dark circles and puffiness around the eyes is common (especially if you’re up late changing that seating plan – again!), so be gentle taking off eye makeup and keep rubbing to a minimum.  Wipes are really bad for the skin, and an eye makeup remover, followed by a cleanser and toner are recommended instead.  Keeping your skin moisturised is essential too.

The Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm, has many benefits including a deep cleanse, as well as softening and nourishing the skin.  It dissolves make up, daily grime and pollutants.  It is suitable for all skin types – however the team at Fusion Spa are happy to make recommendations for your skin type.  Don’t forget to moisturise the neck and décolletage, it requires special care to keep it supple and smooth.  Exfoliate gently every other day, and apply a light moisturiser daily.

Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm


For that all important kiss at the end of the ceremony, you’ll want your lips to be the best possible shape.  A vitamin E stick or quality lip balm can combat cracks and creases, that the weather or nervous lip biting can cause.  A top tip for exfoliating your lips, and to clear away dead skin is to wet a toothbrush with warm water and gently brush lips back and forth.

Katie, Spa Therapist at Fusion Spa says, “I love the Mii Make Up Moisturising Lip Lover, it comes in many great colours and shades, and is an ultra-moisturising lipstick, which can help soften and improve the condition your lips with every wear.  The formula is weightless and delivers a long lasting sheen.


For the outside, you can get your body in shape with regular exercise or gym sessions.  Brides and grooms getting married at Bryn Meadows, can get 3 months free when taking out a 12 month membership in Fusion Wellness.  The team are also able to offer one off ‘Bridal Bootcamps' which can kick start or boost fitness to reach the goal.

Andrew Phillips, Spa & Leisure Manager at Fusion Spa says, “Our one day bootcamp is packed with varied exercise sessions, one to one coaching and motivational training.  Above all, I try to make them fun and include lots of different exercises and challenges – from kettlebells to obstacle courses.  They can also be tailored to a mix of abilities too.” 

If you’re looking for the inside, making sure you eat a balanced diet is essential.  This will show in your skin, stamina and over all wellbeing.  Vitamins and supplements can also help, and a recommended herbalist can point you in the right direction there.

Regular exfoliations can also make the skin feel softer and more toned.  Using a loofah or body puff each day can help.  On a weekly basis, you could use a gentle exfoliator.  Elemis Frangipani Monoi Salt Glow is a firm favourite of the Fusion Spa team, it softens and smooths the skin using rich mineral salts infused with exotic Tahitian Monoi Oli and Frangipani flowers seal in moisture.

Chelsey, Head Receptionist and Spa Therapist at Fusion Spa says, “I always recommend the Elemis Body Nectar Nourishing Wrap to get wedding ready.  The hour long treatment is intensely moisturising and offers super hydration to skin.  The aromatic oil is applied using sweeping strokes.  You will be kept cocooned and warm while the oils do their work.”

"When meeting with brides & bridesmaids I always recommend our Rasul Mud Room Ceremony.   It’s a self-applied cleansing ritual that uses mud, heat & steam.  Firstly you exfoliate with a luxurious deep sea salt scrub, followed by a marine mud to cleanse and hydrate the skin.  When the mud is applied you relax in the volcanic heated chamber.  This oils locked inside the mud are mentholated, which is the perfect partner to the steam, meaning you unwind in the warmth, and the respiratory systems benefits from the steam which has been infused to detoxify the skin.  Afterwards you finish with a gentle monsoon shower, to relieve the tensions of wedding planning and wash away all the mud.  The skin is left nourished and leaves you feeling revitalised.  The scrubs and muds come in different scents, some of the most popular include strawberries & cream, chocolate orange and lime and lemongrass.” Amy, Receptionist at Fusion Spa

Legs & Feet

Your wedding dress might cover your legs, but that’s no reason to ignore them.  Shave only after you’ve softened your skin with warm water, not hot, and use a moisturising shave cream.  Post shower, apply a rich moisturiser when legs are damp for maximum impact.  Regular waxing is also an option.

Shayla Spa Therapist at Fusion Spa said, “A deep exfoliation on the feet and lower leg, followed by a stress relieving massage to soften hard skin and soothe tired legs and feet sometimes is just what you need.  I often use Thermal Heated Booties for deeper penetration of oils and creams when doing a Jessica deluxe pedicure.  It’s also excellent for increasing circulation and relieving stiff joints.For good foot care at home starts with tough love.  Regular scrubs with a pumice stone will get rid of cracked skin on heels and toes (best to do this when feet are damp), before treating your feet to a thick moisturiser.  If you can do this just before heading to bed, slip on a pair of socks, and overnight these will help you retain body heat and help seal in the moister.

Hands and Nails

Preparation for nails definitely starts in advance, and does depend on the state of your nails.  If you are a biter you may need to start 6-8 weeks in advance.  For normal nails that need a tidy up or help with growth then 1-2 manicures before the day should be enough to keep the cuticles in check.  French manicures are still very popular as well as brighter trends, and you can opt for a traditional paint or gels, or acrylics.  Make sure any extensions are removed properly, by a reputable retailer so that your nails and nail bed are not ruined.

It is also a good idea to invest in a good moisturiser (which can be kept in your handbag) which will help keep cracked nails or dehydrated skin at bay.  The Elemis Sweet Orchid Hand & Nail Cream, will condition, soften and soothe skin which intensely moisturises for lasting comfort.

Sweet Orchid Range

Gents, don’t forget to get your hands and nails looked at before the big day too! Most photographers like to zoom in on the hands, especially on that new wedding ring. Manicurists offer easy and expert grooming for hands and nails, if you’re not sure what to do yourself. If you do very manual work, soaking hands in warm soapy water before using a pumice stone or exfoliator can help soften and prepare the hands. Finish with a rich, oil free hand cream.

Pro-Collagen Marine Cream For Men

Make Up

When it comes to your wedding day, no small detail should go overlooked.  There are several routes that you can take when it comes to wedding make-up; from choosing a make-up artist to doing it yourself.  Most will recommend that you do not want to do this on your big day, as bridal make up can be tricky due to the need for a lasting flawless textures which will make you look more natural.  Plus you should enjoy being pampered, by a professional who can make sure you have got the right look on the day.

Katie Spa Therapist at Fusion Spa said, Mii Make Up and Cosmetics have a range of products which can create a modern or classic look using high-tech and flawless textures which will make you look natural, fresh and glowing.  We always book in a trial, and an appointment for the wedding morning.  I love the Flawless Face Base, which is a very sheer foundation that feels like a tinted moisturiser, but has more pigment for a better coverage – it’s ideal for a wedding base.

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