Ladies and girls are more than welcome at Bryn Meadows, and we actively encourage more to get involved and enjoying the game.  On average female members only make up 15% of a golf club membership, yet women account for over 50% of the population.  

Golf is a game for all.  Unlike any other sport, golf’s unique handicap system allows people of different abilities to play and compete together, making it a great game for women and men alike.  Contrary to popular belief, women have always played golf. In-fact The LPGA Tour (Ladies Professional Golf Association) is older than the PGA Tour.

There is nothing like getting outside in the fresh air and sunshine!  The walk on our golf course takes on average 4 and a half hours.  On average you can burn 1,500 calories and do about 10,000 steps which is about 4-5 miles.

Playing can also boost your career as golf is all about networking.  You can meet new clients, spend time with your peers and develop your business.  It is also very social, a fun activity to do with friends and even make new acquaintances.

Lady Professional Golfer

We are very proud to have a Katy Edwards as part of our golf team.  As a professional golfer, she is very keen to get more women into the game and to help break down the stereotypes that surround the sport.  Katy has many fantastic accreditations to her name - she was the first lady to tee off in the WPGA Lombard Trophy and even had a hole in one.

Ladies Lessons

Looking to get into the sport, or looking to improve?  Coaching is available on an individual basis or a weekly group lesson with one of our PGA Professional's - David Pocock or Katy Edwards.  These are held on our First Swing Academy Course or during poor weather in our Indoor Putting Studio or state of the art Golf Simulator.

Ladies Membership

A variety of membership options are available.  If you are graduating from lessons and coaching a New2Golf membership scheme is available giving you the confidence to play the Championship Course.  As well as this there is are a few full membership options.  

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