World Cup in Winners Bar
Price 3.00

Watch all the live games in Winners Bar!  During the games Fosters, Strongbow and John Smiths are £3 a pint.

Wednesday 20th June, 1pm - Portugal V Morocco, 4pm - Uruguay V Saudi Arabia, 7pm - Iran V Spain, 

Thursday 21st June, 1pm - France V Peru, 4pm - Denmark V Australia, 7pm - Argentina V Croatia

Friday 22nd June, 1pm - Brazil V Costa Rica, 4pm - Nigeria V Iceland, 7pm - Serbia V Switzerland

Saturday 23rd June, 1pm - Belgium V Tunisia, 4pm - Germany V Sweden, 7pm - South Korea V Mexico

Sunday 24th June, 1pm - England V Panama, 4pm - Japan V Senegal, 7pm - Poland V Colombia

Monday 25th June, 3pm - Uruguay V Russia, 3pm - Saudi Arabia V Egypt, 3pm - Spain V Morocco, 7pm - Iran V Portugal

Tuesday 26th June, 3pm - Denmark V France, 3pm - Australia V Peru, 7pm - Nigeria V Argentina, 7pm - Iceland V Croatia

Wednesday 27th June, 7pm - Serbia V Brazil, 3pm - South Korea V Germany, 3pm - Mexico V Sweden, 7pm - Switzerland V Costa Rica

Thursday 28th June, 3pm - Japan V Poland, 3pm - Senegal V Colombia, 7pm - England V Belgium, 7pm - Panama V Tunisia

Saturday 30th June, 3pm & 7pm - Runners Up

Sunday 1st July, 3pm & 7pm - Runners Up 

Monday 2nd July, 3pm & 7pm - Runners Up

Tuesday 3rd July, 3pm & 7pm - Runners Up

Friday 6th July 3pm & 7pm - Quarter Finals

Saturday 7th July 3pm & 7pm - Quarter Finals

Tuesday 10th July 7pm - Semi Finals

Saturday 14th July 3pm - 3rd Place Play Off

Sunday 15th July 4pm - The Final 

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