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Casey Gameson

We always get asked, ‘What is a Rasul Mud Room Ceremony?’. If you have never had one before you may not know what it is, or what to expect. Our friends The CSI Girls visited last week to try out the limited edition Summer Fruits and Berries Rasul mud treatment and a Summer Berries afternoon tea in Blas Restaurant.

“…we were called (from the Relaxation Room) and taken to the Rasul treatment room. The room contains a rain shower for you to wash before the treatment, as well as disposable underwear and shower caps. Inside this is a separate tiled room where you apply the scrub and mud and the steam fills.”

“My skin felt very clean, hydrated and soft after the treatment which was exactly what was needed.”

Guests can choose their choice of scrub and mud.  The Rasul ritual will use heat and steam to hydrate and cleanse your skin.  The treatment finishes with a gentle monsoon shower.  You can read all about our self applied cleansing ritual and their day at Fusion Spa from start to finish on The CSI Girls blog all in their own words.

Rasul Mud Room Ceremony: Frequently Asked Questions

Within Fusion Spa at Bryn Meadows is our Rasul Mud Room Chamber.  It is ideal for all skin types and is often the choice for those who may be nervous about their first spa day, or prefer the privacy of a self-applied spa treatment.

The Rasul Mud Room is often referred to as a chamber.  It is a private spa treatment room which includes a mineral shower, and separate steam room with seats for two people.  Both are decorated in stone mosaic tiles.  Lighting is kept low to create a relaxing ambiance for you.

The chamber has a mineral shower for you to wash before the treatment.  If you have been in the pool and other wet facilities it will help to get rid of the chlorine from your skin before your treatment.  The sea salt scrub can then be applied to your body and face.  This will remove all the dead skin cells and will help with the easy absorption of a moisturiser into the healthy skin.   A choice of scrubs are available and could include; lime and lemongrass, strawberries and cream, wild rose, mulled wine and more.

The scrub will need to be washed off before applying the marine mud.  Again the mud can be applied to the body and face.  Once this is on there is a button to press to start, and you can get comfortable seated in the volcanic heated steam room.  The steam will open your pores and increase the blood circulation, which will help soften and detoxify the skin, as well as hydrating it.

Once the steam cycle has finished the monsoon shower will come on.  The warm shower will rinse the mud away.  The mineral shower can also be used if you need too.

One of the Fusion Spa team will meet you in the relaxation room and take you to the Rasul experience.  They will show you the facilities explain how it works and the steps before leaving you in the chamber.  It is a self applied, private treatment.

The room can only hold two guests so is good fun for friends or couples.

It is advisable not to wear jewellery during the treatments, and it is appropriate to wear your underwear or swimwear.  Disposable underwear and shower caps can also be provided for you.  If you have long hair or a fringe you may want to bring a hairband or bobble to keep your hair out of the way.

Unfortunately, as the Rasul uses steam it is not recommended.  This is because an unborn baby is unable to regulate its body temperature and any increase in your body heat may affect the flow of blood and nutrients to your baby.

The Fusion Spa team are all fully trained and can give expert advice regarding what treatments are available and are suitable at your stage of pregnancy. However, we recommend speaking to your midwife for further information.

Again the Fusion Spa team can advise on the suitability of the treatment.  For example if you have low or high blood pressure, and it is controlled you can enjoy the experience.  Again if you are breastfeeding, a different scrub can be used.  If you are concerned about your medical condition feel free to contact the team.

It is best to arrive at least 20 minutes before your first treatment is due to start.  If you arrive late it can reduce the length of your treatment.  You will be asked to fill in a consultation form.  The Fusion Spa team will explain the rest from here

Fusion Spa can be fully booked up to 6 weeks in advance, especially on weekend.  Bookings can be made on 01495 225950, on our website, or general enquiries can be sent via email fusion@brynmeadows.co.uk.

It is very important to drink plenty of water throughout the day, but especially after your treatment to keep your body well hydrated.