Written by

Casey Gameson

With Wedding season in full swing we would like to introduce you to our Events team. The team is made up of our Sales Team and Operations Team. Together they look after the planning and execution of all of the events throughout the resort from small private dinners of up to 10 to large events for over 300 people.

There have been exciting new developments over the last 2 years at the resort for our events team with the opening of our luxurious Fairway Suite which has now allowed weddings and large functions to be accommodated in a purpose build location, this has meant that the Blas restaurant can now offer members, hotel guests and visitors a more relaxed visit. As well as making space in the Bar area for visitors to drop in after a long walk for a coffee, enjoy a light lunch or sit and appreciate the breathtaking views whilst sipping a cocktail from our brand new cocktail menu.

The sales team are headed by Sales and Marketing manager Cerys. She oversees the events team and ensures that all aspects of the event is planned to precision and assists with any help needed throughout the planning process. Our events team of Catherine and Kristyna have just celebrated their 2nd year anniversary at the resort and are not only in charge of organising our in-house events such as Royal Ascot, they also oversee our extensive Christmas programme, golf societies, baby showers, conferences and not forgetting Weddings in which we host over 80 each year!

Catherine says “Weddings are one of the best parts of my job as I get to plan one of the most important days in someone’s life. I feel tremendous satisfaction on the big day knowing I have in a small way contributed to a day they will never forget”

Our operations team are made up of various roles, firstly Duty Managers Chris and Jordan, along with Deputy General Manager Bernard ensure the team set up and prepare the rooms for each function and ultimately manages each event on the day. As the operations managers, they are overseeing the execution of food and quality of services.  Their main objective is to ensure the function or event is running as well as it possibly can, with a smooth efficient service that meets the expectations and needs of customers and clients.

With the arrival of the new Fairway suite in November 2017, we can now cater for up to 350 people which has resulted in the operations team growing in size, therefore we introduced the role of event supervisors, newest member Kimberley joined the team earlier this month as one of our event supervisors. Her role is to manage smaller sections of the event and oversee the waiting team directing them to the correct areas. These supervisors are the first point of call if a guest does require any assistance throughout the night and help the duty managers with the running of the event.

Chris says “The addition of the Fairway suite has been an exciting benefit to the resort, we can now cater for the growing demand at our events comfortably with it holding over 300 people and have the space to keep everything in one place. It really gives a wow factor on entering. Everyone that has visited so far has been blown away!”

Jordan says “Managing events for over 300 people is both interesting and rewarding, as no two events are the same. However, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else!”

Finally, the unsung heroes of the events team are our food and beverage staff. They are a vital part of the execution of events ensuring the service of the food and beverage is to the highest standard. They stick to a stringent timescale and are responsible for ensuring their section of guests are attended to throughout the evening. We are extremely lucky at the resort as most of our food and beverage staff have been with us since leaving school and continue to work with us as seasonal staff.

One of the biggest parts of any event’s success is the food served to the guests. Head chef Stuart is in charge of all of the function food. He joined us in February 2019 and heads up a team of 12 staff, over 4 departments and 3 kitchens. His Sous Chefs are Dafydd and Tony who between them have over 15 years of experience as well as a wealth of experience within the whole team support him fully when planning and executing the menus for each event.

Christmas is by far the busiest and most would say challenging time for any events team. Christmas 2019 is set to be a record-breaking year with 9000 people expected to attend our Christmas events alone and the team taking bookings from January, therefore spare a thought for our hard-working staff when you are enjoying your annual Christmas party.

In conclusion, we hope that we have given you an insight into the daily running of the various meetings and events that take place throughout the resort on a daily basis and the teams that really do make the magic happen for the thousands of visitors we have through the door each year. It really is nothing more satisfying than seeing your guests leave with a smile at the end of a day knowing that you have done your best to make their experience memorable.

Fun Facts

  • On average we have up to 30 members of staff working on a event at the Fairway Suite
  • Bryn Meadows go through on average 20 tons of Turkey throughout the Christmas period
  • The Fairway Suite is named this because it over looks the fairway on the golf course
  • The Beacons suite is named because of its fantastic views over the Brecon Beacons.
  • 66% of event planners rely on caffeine to get them through the day
  • LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform for promoting corporate events.