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Casey Gameson

Welcome to the wonderful world of golf for beginners! We understand that it can be daunting to step onto the golf course for the first time. However, there is nothing to worry about. We are here to support you every step of the way, providing you with that extra push you need to pick up a golf club.

So, if you are ready, take a look below at our golf tips for beginners.

How difficult is golf?

As with all sports, golf can seem challenging at first. It requires a combination of physical skills, mental focus and strategic thinking. However, with patience and practice, golf can be an enjoyable and fulfilling sport to play. Just don’t expect to be a professional after a couple of practice sessions!

How expensive is golf?

Similar to all sporting activities, it can be as expensive or inexpensive as you make it. At Bryn Meadows, you can book a round of golf from £25.00. Alternatively, you can sign up for a coaching programme from £30.00 per month, which will include a 1-hour group lesson per week with a PGA Professional.

What to wear golfing?

As a beginner golfer, you may not know that a lot of golf courses have strict dress codes. These typically require you to wear a collared polo shirt, shorts, slacks, socks, a belt, a hat and golf shoes. For many in the sport, this is considered the perfect balance between comfort and functionality. However, don’t feel you have to purchase golfing attire for your first lesson. Once you have had a few lessons, you can visit our Pro Shop which stocks everything you need.

What are the different types of courses?

There are three main types of golf courses. These are links, desert and parkland. A links course is located along the coast, with sandy soil and tall grasses. A desert course is located in a natural desert, with only grass for greens and fairways. A parkland golf course is located inland, with plenty of grass and trees. At Bryn Meadows, you will find a parkland course, with verdant fairways and fast greens.

How many golf clubs in a bag?

A standard golf bag can hold up to 14 golf clubs, from woods and wedges to irons and putters. As a beginner, you will start with putting and chipping clubs to learn the basic skills, before adding different clubs to your bag. As all of the clubs have their own benefits and purposes, we encourage you to tailor your bag to your abilities. So, when you feel ready, we can advise you on the best golf clubs to purchase from our Pro Shop.

How to hold a golf club?

There are three primary ways you can hold a golf club: the overlapping grip, the interlocking grip and the ten-finger grip. Each golf grip has its advantages, so it’s recommended that you experiment to find what works for you.

The overlapping grip is the most popular among seasoned golfers. For this golf grip, position the pinkie finger from your one hand between the index and middle fingers on your other hand. If you are right-handed, this will be the pinkie finger on your right hand between the index and middle fingers on your left hand. This should make your hands feel more connected, improving the control and stability of your golf swing.

The interlocking grip is recommended for those seeking a tighter connection between their hands. For this grip, interlock the pinkie finger from your one hand with the index finger on your other hand. Again, if you are right-handed, this will be the pinkie finger on your right hand and the index finger on your left hand. This should provide you with a secure grip and stop your hands from slipping during a golf swing.

The ten-finger grip is known for being the most comfortable and is often favoured by beginner golfers. For this grip, simply place all ten fingers on the club, without overlapping or interlocking. Allowing all fingers to make contact with the grip can provide an increased sense of control.

How to swing a golf club

There are various ways you can swing a golf club. Even professional golfers have slightly different techniques. However, there are a set of fundamental movements that new golfers can practice to develop a consistent golf swing.

The first step to a full golf swing is aiming. Once you have a target in mind, align your body and club face towards it. If you are a beginner, start with a target on the ground a few feet in front of the golf ball. You can gradually increase the distance of the target as you continue to learn golf.

The second step is perfecting your stance. As you set up the golf ball, you will need to position your feet shoulder width apart, with your weight evenly distributed. If you are right-handed, align your feet so they are parallel to the target line. Then flex your knees, straighten your back and bend at the hip. Your arms should be able to hang down to the golf club, without any need to stretch or bend.

The third step is starting to takeaway. Using your shoulders and arms, start to move the club face away from the ball. Try to keep the club low to the ground, as you complete one smooth movement.

The fourth step is performing the backswing. Continue the movement of your shoulders, hips and torso as your swing the golf club back. Your golf club should end up pointing over your shoulder in a single controlled motion. Don’t forget to keep your eye on the ball during the backswing.

The final step is finishing the downswing. By shifting the weight onto your front foot, you should get a good amount of power behind your swing. Rotate your hips and torso as your swing, before making contact with the ball. When completing practice swings, a useful tip is to imagine yourself unwinding during the downswing.

How to regrip a golf club

Over time, the grip on your golf club will wear out, which will make it more difficult for you to securely hold. This can lead to inconsistent swings and decreased accuracy, impacting your performance.

If you think your golf club needs regripping, visit our Pro Shop. We offer a quick and easy regripping service, allowing you to get back to executing your golf shot with precision.

How long do 18 holes of golf take?

How quickly you complete a round of golf depends on a few factors, including the size of the course and the mode of moving around the course. On average, it takes four players four hours to complete 18 holes of golf. At Bryn Meadows, we have buggies and trolleys available to hire, that can help you pick up the pace during a round of golf.

How many people can play golf at once?

In a typical game of golf, the maximum number of players is four. This is called a four ball and is the most popular way of playing, as well as the most sociable. However, there are variations such as one player, two player and three player that can be accommodated on the course as well.

At Bryn Meadows, we have several teams that you can join once your game develops. This will allow you to meet other beginner golfers that you can share golf tips with. In fact, we welcome over 100 golf society days to our course each year, so you are sure to meet some golfing buddies along the way.

What to do after a round of golf?

There are a number of things you can do after a round of golf. However, we always suggest you first rehydrate. A game of golf can take a few hours to complete, so it’s important you take the time to rest and recover afterwards. Our Winners Bar is a favourite spot for many golfers to reflect on their game.

How to book beginner golf lessons?

If you would like to start playing golf, book a lesson with one of our PGA Professionals. You can do this by giving us a call or sending us an email, and we will get back to you with a date and time for your first practice session. We hope to see you on our golf course soon!