Viva Las Vegas!
05 Sep

I have always dreamed of seeing the bright lights of Vegas!  I’m not sure why I’m inspired to go, particularly because most of the films portray it in a bit of a ‘naughty’ light.  Whenever it is on the big screen; there’s always car chase, casino heists or debauchery – the wilder side of life.  Actually, maybe that’s why…

You might wonder why at 42 years of age I haven’t taken the plunge?  It’s not the kids, house or job that’s getting in the way – it’s my fear of flying.  I love hearing my friends and families tales of their summer adventures, but I can not bring myself to get on the big bird with wings.  My husband will quite gladly tell you how much money I have ‘wasted’ with hypnotherapy and other fixes, plus the flights that we have booked that I have backed out of (at the airport, at the foot of the stairs on the runway).  My children, quite simply, are bored of visiting the British Isles too – and long for some sun!

When I heard that Bryn Meadows were having a Las Vegas Night, I knew I had to be there!

After packing the kids off to the mother in laws for the night, my husband and I set off for the night travelling from Cardiff.  After a very short 20 minutes in the car we arrived at the hotel and I was stunned by the beauty of the surroundings.  In every direction; stunning views of the nearby mountains and valleys.

Walking through the front doors into the gorgeous marble reception (which again impressed me), and immediately felt welcome and at home.  In fact, three members of staff said hello to me.  The reception team checked us in and gave the directions to our room, and explained where we needed to go later on in the evening.

The room… wow!  Clean, comfy and again with those magnificent views.  I could have sat all evening on the balcony, if I didn’t have a big night to prepare for!  Both of us dressed the part, my husband looking like James Bond (well he tried!) and me in my glitz, we headed to the event.

Entering the room, we were immediately greeted by the famous ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign, and my adrenaline picked up. I was here! Quick stop at the bar and we took our seats ready for dinner of leek and potato soup with Caerphilly cheese crostini, followed by chicken wrapped in prosciutto and a red wine jus with lots of roast veg. Dessert was either salted caramel and chocolate torte with Chantilly cream, or raspberry baked cheesecake. It was to die for! A little later on, we also enjoyed homemade shortbreads with our teas and coffees decorated to look like poker chips.

Dinner was followed by entertainment from Lynsey Pugh (and baby bump). What a voice!!! She sang some of the Rat Pack classics mixed with other well known tracks. During this time the casino tables began to operate. The dealers were happy to explain the rules to those who hadn’t done it before, or those who were a bit rusty. I loved the roulette, and found myself fixated on the little ball bouncing around and around in the wheel – hoping and praying it would land on my lucky number.

Entertainer Lynsey Pugh entertaining the room

Winning big on the roulette

Even though I went to the occasion with my husband, I got chatting to others in the room (everyone is so friendly at Bryn Meadows) and ending up dancing until late with some of the other ladies in the room. Our husbands were propping up the bar! Unfortunately, the night came to an end and we had to retire to our room.

news69.jpgSome of the party guests pose infront of the Las Vegas backdrop

I’m writing this after a full Welsh breakfast and a luxurious swim and Jacuzzi in the Fusion Spa in my hotel room, reluctant to leave and believe my dream of going to Las Vegas is over.  I had a fantastic night, and if the real Las Vegas is anything like what I experienced – I really am missing out.  I can see why it’s called the entertainment capital of the world.

Someone find a cure for the fear of flying – please? Now! 

Written by guest blogger Gaynor

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