Head Greenkeepers Blog - March
05 Apr

March is always a busy month for the Greenkeepers, maintaining and getting the course ready for the new golfing season.  

During the month there was 123mm of rainfall, resulting in minimal course closures.  This was also helped by the use of temporary greens and the improvements made to water movement due to aeration.  The current aeration programme of hollow coring, regular solid tinning and top dressing with neat sand that is reducing thatch levels and increasing the sand in soil profile.  This removes clay and silt and exchanges it with the sand.  This years agronomist soil sample (soil science to you and me) shows that we are continuing to reduce our organic matter in the greens.  

The use of our new Pro-Pass spinner top dresser will allow us to top dress fortnightly with small amounts of sand with very little disruption to the greens, and this year we are hoping to use a total of 100 tonnes of sand which is double the amount we have used in the past. This will dissolve thatch, firm up the greens surface and improve the trueness of the putting surfaces.

During the month new bridges were also built and completed on the 8th and 17th holes. A new buggy path on the 11th tee has already started to be built, as well as preparing for rootzone to be applied before turfing.  The 13th hole has had the path re-edged and drainage pipe installed. The stonework has also been replaced on the wall and around the overflow pipe. Plus anew hand rail and drainage channels have been also been installed.

The pre-season cutting of tee’s, surrounds, fairways has begun. The rough all being cut to winter height at the moment until the inclement weather changes to allow for a summer height of cut.

If you have any questions about our greens and their maintenance, these can be directed to Dave Jakeway on 

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