Head Greenkeepers Blog - May
06 Jun

In May there has been 90mm of rainfall which was needed after such a dry April, and soil temperatures were still low at the beginning of the month. The temperatures in the final two weeks of the month raised significantly and with the rain has brought a massive flush of growth throughout the course.  The team will be grooming and top dressing greens to reduce seed heads and true the surface, and are also double cutting greens when possible to help with growth patterns in June.

Double cut on the 15th green

There was an infestation of Leatherjackets in the greens profile, earlier in the month.  Leatherjackets are not the cool kids hanging round the back of Winners, but are soil-dwelling larvae of flies known as crane flies or daddy-longlegs. They can feed on the grass roots and burrow under the surface causing uneven surfaces and birds often peck at the greens to eat the grubs which can cause damage.  Since 2016 pesticides to control Leatherjackets has been banned in the UK.  The poa annua (annual meadow grass) in the greens is seeding at the moment, this also can slow the pace on the greens and could cause uneven surfaces.

Due to the cutting regime at the moment unfortunately this has put back the completion of the 3rd bunker and 13th tee, but this will be completed as soon as the grass growth allows us time to carry out this work. However, the new path on the 8th tee is now complete and had its final roll this week.

To sum up, the start of the month was still a struggle with the growth but this has accelerated at the moment and the greens height cut has been reduced to 4mm.  I am confident of great putting surfaces going into June and bare areas around the course growing in to give us a golf course to be proud of.

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