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A sizzling June equals top golf course conditions
04 Jul

A sizzling June equals top golf course conditions

Every month our Golf Course Manager updates us on what the team have been working on throughout the month, and why the work they are doing is important. 

Hot, hot, hot!

June has seen the temperatures hit a high of 32 degrees.  On the flip side throughout the month we have seen rain showers totalling 70mm.  This means that we are achieving the desired maximum growth across the golf course.

15th fairway

The team are using liquid fertiliser, bio-stimulants and wetting agents on a monthly programme to improve the greens surface and the soil profile.  When it rains or with irrigation water; which is a controlled amount of water supplied to the greens at regular intervals, during periods of inadequate rainfall – the wetting agents help the soil to retain water and minimise dry patch. 

Dry patch is highly undesirable to have on the greens, as this causes drought areas, which can lead to uneven playing surfaces. 

15th green after fertilising

Hot spots and high spots 

The greenkeepers have also been out on the golf course hand drenching the high spots, to reduce drought and improve the appearance, smoothness and playability.  This is done with a wetting gun, which uses a wetting agent pellet installed.

Hand drenching greens with wetting agent

This month the 3rd bunker and on the 13th tee have now been completed.  On the 3rd, the bunker face had collapsed and was repaired using soil and seed.  On the 13th tee, the path has been removed and the tee has been extended.  It has also been seeded.  Turf was not used during the repairs due to the high temperatures thus making use of the turf impossible.  The amount of hand watering required to use turf is unachievable during this time of year.

3rd bunker

The team have also been improving and rebuilding the stonework on the 13th around the pond, and have started to repair the G.U.R (ground under repair) around the course.

This was quite a detailed job; in previous months the ground around the ponds had been reshaped and new overflow pipes were installed.  Since completion of this work, Mark our Head Greenkeeper, has been re-building the stone water outlets to improve the appearance of the ponds.

Ground under repair work

The golf course

The greens have been verti-cut.  This removes seed heads and thatch, which improves lateral grass growth.  On top of this the greens have also been top dressed with 10 tonnes of sand, all of which improves the quality of the putting surfaces for golfers.

Greens top dressed with sand

In summary

The golf course is now in full swing, with maximum desired growth resulting in surfaces that are providing the highest standards of playability and appearance this season. 

Sounds like a round of golf is in order?!


David Jakeway the Golf Course Manager has been at Bryn Meadows Golf Hotel & Spa for over 19 years.  He has worked in the industry for 30 years, and has worked as a Green Keeper in high profile golf clubs in the south Wales area. 


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