Why is happiness important?  We explore this during National Happiness Happens Month
11 Aug

Happiness Happens Month is dedicated to celebrating things that make you content. Happiness is unlimited, and it has also been proven to be contagious.  The month reminds us to recognise the moments of enjoyment.  It is also vital to our goals, and helps us achieve personal ambitions.

How happiness effects health

There is a well-established body of research which has identified that poor health, nutrition and fitness, has a negative effect on the body and mind.

How does exercise increase happiness?  When working out in the gym or having a swim happy chemicals are released into your brain.  Dopamine is a chemical that plays a role in happiness and transmits feelings of pleasure.   

Working out will also ease stress in the short term by helping you sweat out the day’s worries, and regular exercise will help you become less stressed out in the long term.  Committing to a weekly leisure class or a monthly event like our Bootcamp Experience! will help with this. 

Where happiness is found – on the golf course?

A workout in the gym is not for everyone - for some, it is the great outdoors.  Studies on exercise and wellbeing have found that people who walk regularly are generally much happier than those who do little or no exercise.  A golfer will walk on average 12,500 steps during a round on our golf course.  Golf incorporates cardiovascular exercise, strength training and even balance and co-ordination.  With all of these benefits, it is hard to say no to a game!

Poor weather should not put you off either, with our indoor putting studio or state of the art golf simulator there is no excuse not to play.

When happiness eludes you

Ever wonder why other people around you seem so happy but it keeps eluding you for some reason?  Take 10 minutes and evaluate what happiness is to you.  Making plans for future, which you can look forward too and excited about will give you something to focus on.  Gather the friends and family and plan to attend an upcoming event or read that book that you have been putting off or clear out the messy draw (we’ve all got one!) – the act of de-cluttering will clear your mind and give you a real sense of achievement.

Who said happiness is a state of mind?

The statement means that happiness is a choice about how we thing about our situation.  Our situation will influence how we feel and that emotions, including happiness, is a state of mind. 

A great way to take some ‘me time’ and to re-evaluate is with a spa day or spa break.  Taking a dip in the pool before enjoying a relaxing treatment such as a full body massage or a facial, is a great way to unwind.  Our Rasul Mud Room Ceremony is fantastic fun – and laughter releases endorphins which gives a feel-good effect.  Plus the treatment leaves your skin feeling nourished and revitalised.

Are happiness and pleasure the same thing?

When it comes to sweet treats, to us, it is!  If you’re anything like the team in Blas Restaurant, we enjoy the selection an afternoon tea can offer from savoury sandwiches and indulgent cakes.  Especially when it is washed down with a generous glug of prosecco. 

Pleasure is a momentary feeling that comes from something external – a good meal, a promotion at work, spending time with your partner or friends and family, and so on.  However, pleasure leaves a positive feeling and will evoke happy memories.

Guests always talk to us about happy memories from weddings held at the resort, or funny stories about colleagues from annual Christmas parties.

What makes you happy?

Such a simple straightforward question, but what is the right answer…?

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