Romance Awareness Month: Why is romance important in a relationship?
28 Aug

When people hear the word romance, they instantly think of over the top gestures or little cherubs with their bow and arrows, but in reality, it is the little things that really make the difference.  Being romantic is difficult for some, and for others they have high expectations as to what romance really means. 

August is National Romance Awareness month and a time for everyone to get a little romantic with someone special.  February and Valentine’s Day should not be the only month that you show how much you care so with that in mind we have complied a list of ideas to get the romance flowing:

  • A romantic meal

What can be more romantic that watching the sunset across golf course and the gorgeous views in Blas Restaurant?  Blas is the Welsh word for taste, and the team create dishes using local suppliers that are full of flavour.   It is well documented that certain foods can be arousing.  With that in mind every Thursday, you can have 3 courses of the a-la-carte menu plus a glass of wine for £25 per person.

  • A couples massage

Can not bear to be apart, or want to feel a bit closer?  A couple’s massage together can help you ignite the passion.  It is a great way to introduce a partner who has never gotten a spa treatment before, in a way that makes them feel more comfortable the first time. 

There is also a bit of science behind it.  During a massage, your body gets all the stimulus from the touch which causes the release of hormones responsible for relaxing and feeling good.  One of these is called Oxytocin, dubbed the hormone of love – meaning if you are with your partner during massage it would definitely be romantic. 

In Fusion Spa there is a dual room ideal for couples.  Various day packages to choose from including use of the pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and hydro spa to relax in.  Treatments could include a full body ritual which starts with body brushing and exfoliation to simulate and brighten skin, followed by a powerful de-stressing face, scalp and body massage using oils from leading brand Elemis.  

  • A round of golf

Not an obvious choice, but it does allow you to spend 4 to 5 hours together.  Being in each others company in a serene environment can help rekindle the flames of love and forget about the day to day routine for a while.  Studies on exercise and wellbeing have found that people who walk regularly are generally much happier.  A golfer will walk on average 12.500 steps during a round on our golf course

However, if you are into golf and your partner is not, there are ways to introduce the game to each other.  Our indoor putting studio is available to hire with one of our Professional Golfers for coaching or a private lesson.  The state of the art golf simulator is also ideal for golfers and non-golfers to play on.  As well as being brilliant fun, the Golf Simulator can analyse each shot you make providing detailed feedback.  It's better for your game than going to the driving range as it offers precise and accurate flight delivery.  These two options are also ideal to use during poor weather – so there really is no excuse not to play. 

  • A overnight getaway

Rekindle your connection with a weekend away or an intimate overnight stay, put the champagne on ice and whisk your loved one away.  Our Premier Suites are the biggest rooms at the resort featuring a king-sized bed, soft seating area, and guaranteed views of the tranquil surroundings with two balconies or two verandas.  The resort is set in over 100 acres of meadowland, and has unbelievable views of the surrounding valleys including a glimpse of Pen-y-Fan.   

  • A wedding day

What can be more romantic than one of the most important days of your life?  With nearly 80 weddings booked for 2017, as well as being nominated and shortlisted over the last 5 years at the Welsh National Wedding Awards as ‘Best Venue’ in the region, as well as the breathtaking views and high quality of food produced, you can see why for many we are an obvious choice. 

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