Coaching or golf lessons, are they worth it?
16 Oct

Are they just for beginners?

Many players are self taught golfers who have picked up their skills from practising and picking up tips from others, or had lessons as a beginner to get the fundamentals right. There are many good low handicappers that have never had lessons, and equally there are many who swear by them.  

Are golf lessons worth it?

Lessons all depend on what your flaws are.  Every golfer has them and for some they are balanced enough in that they can get you around the course.  If you are stuck on the same handicap that you have had for years, or find that you would like to drive more consistently, or need to work on your short game - then coaching may well be for you.

Get the right instructor and the time and effort you put in with be worth every penny.  A golf instructor has to be able to transfer his or her knowledge to you in a way that is understandable as well as pass on their experience within your learning style. 

What type of things can you work on?

Flexibility - it is a very common issue that affects many golfers.  Poor flexibility will limit your ability to get into the correct golf position.  A swing check can identify a swing fault and can identify techniques to improve these within your limits.

Putting - do you spend all your time hitting balls? Do not forget to practice putting.  43% of all golf shots are putts, but is rarely trained systematically. SAM Putt Lab offers the most efficient technology to train for ascertainable success.

Strength - a golf pro may identify that you are coming out of your posture due to core strength.  There are several ways to improve this alongside a golf technique including enhancing physical fitness.

Pain / Injury - got a new or old injury that at times flares up? Only you will know if you are well enough to play without causing further injury.  However a golf pro can advise on some work arounds.

Power - every player; beginner, weekend player or competitor, is always searching for more power and greater distance. Technology can helps solve the problem.  Golf Simulator's have been used to analyse each shot you make providing detailed feedback.  They are better for your game than going to the driving range as it offers precise and accurate flight delivery.

How much are golf lessons? 

There are three professional golfers at Bryn Meadows who can offer golf lessons and coaching. The highly decorated bunch boast 10 professional holes in one between them, plus incredible career highlights including BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year, Golf Union of Wales Pro of the Year and the first lady to tee off in the WPGA Lombard Trophy. 

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