Winter golf course conditions and new greens maintenance techniques
12 Dec

Every month our Golf Course Manager updates us on what the team have been working on throughout the month, and why the work they are doing is important. 

The Weather and Golf Course Conditions

Throughout November there was a total rainfall of 79.2mm, with temperatures ranging from 18 to 0 degrees – which is quite a difference. However, when it is frosty it relieves disease pressure on the greens but also growth slows down across the course.

The course has withstood very well the past couple of months with heavy rainfall.  Some areas have been roped off, and two winter tee mats have been put on each hole to limit wear and tear on busy competition days.

Mowing, leaf blowing and slit tinning

Work has continued with mowing greens by hand, leaf blowing and slit tinning of greens. Slit tinning is done to aerate and improve water movement on the greens. It is extremely non disruptive to the surface and helps slice through any fibre layer that may be forming within the top 8 inches of the soil profile. It is also very affective at cutting through thicker layers of thatch allowing oxygen and moisture to penetrate them therefore leading to a breakdown of the thatch.

For the first time, the team have used a liquid aerator to improve the greens surface to reduce algae, thatch and to dry and firm the greens surface.  This is being introduced to the monthly programme as it adds specific atoms in liquid form to the greens that react and cause a release of oxygen to the soil profile. Already the team have seen an improvement of the green surfaces, but will review the results further in the spring.

New course maintenance / annual renovation week

Our annual renovation week has been moved to September instead of August in 2018, when the competition season has ended.  Considerations and ongoing reviews will have to be made to see if this is the correct month including the recovery time for the greens, and if this is right for our members.

Christmas cheer

As I have written this at the start of December, I would like to wish all of our members, all the guests who have used the course, the resort staff and of course the greenstaff team a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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