Don't give up on your health and fitness resolutions
23 Jan

If health and wellbeing is the focus of your new year, don’t give up on the resolutions you made at the start of the year. The Fusion Wellness Leisure Team offer their tips for keeping exercise and diet a priority for 2018:

Do something you really enjoy

Creating a habit and building a fitness routine takes time, don’t expect to be able to run a marathon or lift heavy weights straight away. Stay motivated by scheduling an activity you truly enjoy. Try a few different fitness classes, equipment and routines to discover what makes you feel good during and after a workout.

I really enjoy creating different routines for the fitness classes we run. I do love to challenge everyone that attends, working different muscles and targeting certain areas. It’s a great way of seeing what exercises you enjoy and so you can do them when working out on your own. I particularly enjoy the bootcamp sessions and kettlebells.”  Andrew, Fusion Spa & Wellness Manager

Diet is more than just giving up sweets and chocolate

Think about what fuel you are putting into your body. Eating right can help energise your workout.  There’s a lot of research out there which indicates which foods are best, what you should avoid and when to eat.

Ultimately you need quality carbs, lean protein, nutritious vegetables and healthy fats. Your muscles rely on carbohydrate foods such as sweet potato or whole grains, and vegetables for quick energy.  Protein for muscles and blood cells which bring nutrients and oxygen directly to your muscles. Healthy fats include avocados, butter and ghee, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil and omega 3’s found in foods such as salmon, walnuts, flaxseed and grass fed beef.

The most important thing your body needs is fluids, or your body will have a hard time performing at its best.  It’s recommended to have 2 litres of water everyday, but when exercising upping this to 2.5-3 litres.

Prevent dehydration, drink an adequate amount of fluid several hours before exercise to allow the fluids to absorb into your tissues.  Whilst exercising make sure you carry a bottle of water with you.” Adam, Fitness Instructor at Fusion Spa & Wellness

Mind, body and soul

Health is more than just numbers on a scale. Consider the importance of lifestyle as a key factor to getting into shape. We’ve all heard the phrase ‘mind over matter’. Studies do show that exercise and eating right really is mental.

Physical fitness is mental. You don’t train your brain for dieting and weight loss with thinking alone.  When you exercise regularly over a period of time this actually changes your brain to respond to food cravings less often.

If you’re wavering, don’t give up. Ease back into it with an activity you enjoy or a more gentle form or exercise – walk instead or run, or swimming.

If someone stops working out for a few weeks, it doesn’t mean we’ve lost them.  We see many members like this come back and go on to achieve great things in their fitness journey.”  Justin, Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer at Fusion Spa & Wellness

Your workout

The kind of exercise you do does impact on the results you get. Adding variety, slightly heavier weights or routines does challenge your body and your mind.

To achieve long term results, mix cardio with strength and resistance training, and don’t forget to stretch.  Make sure you mix up your routine too!  Studies support the fact that workouts that challenge your body in new ways over time are the most beneficial.” Abi, Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer at Fusion Spa & Wellness

Group Classes and Personal Training

At Fusion Wellness Leisure Club we focus on overall wellness and balance.  The team are always on hand to offer advice, personal training, daily fitness classes to help you find out what works for you in reaching your fitness goals!

Membership at Fusion Spa & Wellness, Bryn Meadows starts from £7.67 per week, and includes single, couples, family, and off peak options.  Contact the team on 01495 225590 or for more information.

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