Our Golf Course Manager's Blog for April
03 May

Every month our Golf Course Manager updates us on what the team have been working on throughout the month, and why the work they are doing is important. 

The Weather and Golf Course Conditions

Just as we thought the worst of the weather was behind us, April brought us heavy downpours, with 131mm in total rainfall. The temperatures have ranged between 3 to 23 degrees plus the rainfall made it difficult to manage the fine turf. However there has been growth peak on the tee’s, fairways and rough. The greens have had uneven growth due to the up and downs in temperature causing the fine grasses to struggle, thus giving us an uneven putting surface.

With the start of grass growth we have reduced the height of cut on the greens and fairways but with the growth on the tee’s we have kept the height on tees and surrounds higher until the growth slows down.

We have also verti-drained the greens to 200mm depth and top dressed with sand to improve the soil profile and firm the greens surfaces. They have also been fertilised with a spring start granular fertiliser to help the grass sward (surface layer of ground containing a mat of grass and grass roots) with the changeable weather conditions.

The grass tee’s are now in play and members have mentioned that they are enjoying competition golf and hopefully with some consistent weather, and regular top dressing and fertilising we are starting to see the improvement in the putting surfaces and overall appearance of the golf course. Finally we can say spring has arrived!

Golf Awareness Month

May is Golf Awareness Month, it was created to encourage people who may not think they would like golf to try and benefit from all the sport has to offer. The best way to celebrate Golf Month is to get out and play some golf! If you’re someone who already plays, may try getting some friends or family members who have never tried to join you for a few hours on the course. And if you’ve never tried, it’s the perfect time to start!

David Jakeway the Golf Course Manager has been at Bryn Meadows Golf Hotel & Spa for nearly 20 years.  He has worked in the industry for 30 years, and has worked as a Green Keeper in high profile golf clubs in the south Wales area. 

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