Golf Course Managers Blog for July
23 Jul

Every month our Golf Course Manager updates us on what the team have been working on throughout the month, and why the work they are doing is important. 

The Weather and Golf Course Conditions

Since the 1st May we have only had 55mm of rain and temperatures as high as 33 degrees.  This has meant that the new larger irrigation tank has been used to its full capacity.  The team have been watering every day and during the hottest periods twice a day. 

The past 6 weeks has seen drought conditions throughout the course so we have utilised the less mowing hours to construct a new buggy path on the 1st hole, repair with top soil and seed G.U.R lines on the First Swing Academy Course, the 10t and the 11th, and installing a new yellow winter tee on the 11th.

In May we applied Symbio Thatch eater to the greens; this product is a cocktail of fungi and bacteria specially selected to degrade thatch and organic matter and to release locked up nutrients. Essentially this product degrades the thatch and feeds the grass plant.  So currently the grounds keeping team are fertilising the greens less and reducing the thatch levels in the greens. It is the first time we have used this product and we will get to see how much thatch has been removed when the results are analysed in about 6 months.

We are continuing to sorrel roll greens and also micro tine greens to aid water movement to the grass roots and also using a wetting agent to retain moisture in the greens profile.

Micro tining the greens

In summary we have had a unique weather pattern for the past 8 weeks but our programme of aeration and the fertiliser, wetting agent and fungicide programme has seen us produce great putting surfaces with daily praise for our greens from members and visitors.

I would like to thank the all of my staff for their dedication and hard work especially during the drought, with them returning back to work in the evenings to apply more water to the greens thus helping us to produce the greens surfaces you are now playing on.

Welcome to the Team

I would also like to welcome Jonathan Pask to the team. Jonathan returned to take up the position of assistant greenkeeper.  He has worked with us previously after completing his apprenticeship with us.  After a few years outside of green keeping he has already made a massive impact on the golf course.

Finally i am now going to reapply the factor 50 and wish you happy golfing.

Newest member of the team Jonathan Pask

David Jakeway the Golf Course Manager has been at Bryn Meadows Golf Hotel & Spa for nearly 20 years.  He has worked in the industry for 30 years, and has worked as a Green Keeper in high profile golf clubs in the south Wales area. 

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