Annual Brian Mayo Charity Golf Day Raised £2,745 for Meningitis Now
06 Sep

Every year Bryn Meadows Golf, Hotel & Spa hold a golfing tournament with the aim of raising funds for national charity Meningitis Now, which took place on Thursday 6th September.

The golf course was inspected by our Golf Course Manager before play began

Every year we host a golf tournament in memory of our golf-loving original owner, Mr Brian Mayo, to do our bit to fight meningitis. The golf course was built by Mr Mayo and his business partners at the time, and was designed by Professional Golfer Craig Defoy in 1973.

The event was first hosted in 1989 after Mr Mayo lost both of his legs to meningitis. This was believed to be from contracting rare fungal meningitis after from his unusual ritual of licking a golf ball believed to be covered in weed killer.

His wife Mrs Fay Mayo said, “He was in a coma for 11 days before he woke up. The only thing they could attribute it to was the weed killer on the greens.” 

He was back on the golf course six weeks after leaving hospital, using his Mercedes as a golf cart.

Team photographs before play begins.  Rio Architects; Richard Robers, Andrew Baker, Gary Mitchell and retired Welsh international rugby union rugby player Lee Byrne.

Current owner of the resort, Mr Gary Mayo, said his father was inspired to pick up his golf clubs again after reading a book in hospital.  “The thing that got him into amputee golf was Douglas Bader, the World War II pilot who lost both of his legs.  My dad read the book about him after he had his own legs amputated and also got the opportunity to meet him. He really inspired my dad, and was his hero.

Mr Gary Mayo thanking the guests for supporting the event.

Tragically, Brian contracted a different strain of meningitis again and died aged 62 in 1999.

This year’s event had 17 teams taking part.  The teams will arrived at 9.30am and after fuelling up on breakfast rolls they were ready to start at 11am with a shotgun start.  Afterwards there was a BBQ in Winners Bar, followed by the auction, prizing giving and entertainment.

Winning team MSS Scaffolding

Gary added: “I thoroughly look forward to this event every year. I’m always delighted by the number of teams who take part, and the numerous others who have stepped forward to support the occasion. I’m very grateful to everyone for their contribution, and the overall success of the day. We are delighted to continue to support those affected by meningitis and Meningitis Now. They were there for my family when needed, and I’m glad that I can continue to return the favour with our annual golf day.” 

The team from Barclays Bank

The event was supported by Barclays Bank and so far £2,745 will be donated to the charity Meningitis Now who use the donations to research into live saving vaccines and spreading disease awareness, and also change lives after Meningitis with specialist support and helping to people and families to rebuild their futures.   For example, can provide someone suffering with the after effects of Meningitis with an hour of emotional support from a specialist counsellor, or a valuable day out with the family, or even just to educate us all on the symptoms and signs.

Alison Westwood from Meningitis Now for sharing her inspiring story.

Meningitis Now community fundraiser for Wales, Carrie Bater, said: “What happened to Brian shows that people can contract meningitis more than once, often quickly and with only flu-like symptoms. Every penny raised helps us continue to fight the disease on all fronts – by funding pioneering preventative research, raising awareness and supporting those affected.”

All of the photographs from the day can be seen on our facebook page.

If you are interested in taking part in 2019 or if you would like to hold your own charity fundraiser, you can get further information from

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