Blogtober: Business Networking Do’s & Don’ts
08 Oct

Business networking events are held on a regular basis at Bryn Meadows.  It is the ideal opportunity for business people, senior managers, business owners and entrepreneurs to meet to form business relations and to share information on their organisation. 

Many people when they network do not use the opportunity correctly or think because they attended once and ‘didn’t get anything from it’ that it does not work.  Like most relationships, networking takes time, patience and effort.  You never know what connections could be made in the room.  You may not do business with an individual, but if like and trust you, they could refer you to friends, colleagues and other business contacts. 

Networking is a marketing tool; crucial to the success of you and your business.  From face to face conferences to a less formal coffee or after work drinks these meetings are a great way of getting you and your brand out there.  There are also lots of networking forums online and on social media.


  • Put your best foot forward – there is no benefit in sitting in the corner by yourself. Do not be afraid to say hello to the people around you. The chances are they are just as nervous as you.
  • “Elevator Pitch” – be quick, concise and accurate when describing your business. Ensure you engage your listener from the get-go and make it memorable.
  • Business cards – make sure you have more than enough with you as they are a great way to exchange details, as well as allowing you a way of reconnecting. One great little tip is to jot on the back of your card the time and place you met, so your new business contact remembers.
  • Follow up – what’s the use of meeting people if you don’t follow up afterwards?
  • Listen and learn – this is a valuable lesson in life and not just business. Take time to learn from others’ experiences.
  • Quid-pro-quo – uou cannot expect to get something without offering anything in return. Offer free help, favours, introductions, advice or reduced cost services.
  • Patience is a virtue – networking is developing strong, long-standing business relationships. Do not expect to reap the rewards immediately. Good things come to those who wait.
  • Prepare questions – anticipate the kind of people you are likely to meet and think about what you would like to ask them, what you would like to learn from them.


  • Do not be timid – and only talk to people you already know. Networking is not just for the flamboyant big-shots or charismatic colleagues.
  • Do not only speak to one person – the more the better.
  • Do not be afraid to ask questions – everyone is scared of appearing ignorant or stupid but there is no need. The vast majority of people will relish the opportunity to peacock their knowledge and expertise, so make sure you ask as many questions as you can.
  • Avoid overzealous self-promotion – this tactic is more likely to annoy than build valuable relationships.
  • Do not get drunk – especially at the more informal meet-ups, there is the chance they will be serving alcohol. Even though a little Dutch courage can help the confidence, appearing intoxicated is the worst thing you could possibly do.

Caerphilly Business Connect

Caerphilly Business Connect is run by Nicola Wesson of Primrose Collections who wanted to provide a platform for small to medium sized businesses in a relaxed environment.  There is no joining fee, no administration fee and no lengthy contracts. 

The meeting is held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, between 8am-10am.  It costs £5 per person, which can be paid on the day for breakfast rolls and lots of freshly brewed tea and coffee.  The next event is on Wednesday 17th October and at the time of publishing this article 28 delegates are booked to attend.  

Golf Networking Event

They say a lot of business is done on the golf course, but what if you don't play? Or don’t have enough confidence in your skills? 

If you've never played before, or even picked up a club, there's no need to feel nervous. Our professionals guarantee that you will feel more confident by the end of the session.  Already play, but want to attend? The more the merrier!  You're more than welcome to join us and ask the Golf Pro's for tips to improve your game.

Join us at on Friday 9th November between 8am-10am in Winners Bar for Golf Networking with freshly brewed tea and coffee, breakfast roll and golf instruction on the First Swing Golf Academy Course and on the Golf Simulator for £15 per person.

Book to Attend

If you would like to attend the next Caerphilly Business Connect or Golf Networking meeting you can contact  

We are taking part in #Blogtober which means we will be posting a different news article every day.  The challenge is to create new and exciting content for you to read throughout October.

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