Blogtober: 7 reasons why you should introduce your child to golf
09 Oct

Junior Golf is becoming very popular and attractive for children and teenagers. In fact, with the creation of more programs and opportunities, golf for youngsters will become more accessible and affordable to parents who play golf and even to those who do not.

1. Golf is a real sport!

It is a sport where everyone can play by the rules and behave with respect to the etiquette.  You can play as an individual or as part of a team, and even taken part in competitions.

2. Learn real life skills

Golfers learn courtesy, discipline, honesty, respect and confidence; which will help them apply these skills to their everyday life.  It can also improve the ability to work with numbers and problem solving skills.

3. Active lifestyle

There is a lot of walking involved with the sport, so this will help your child with their fitness.  It can also help with core stability, improves flexibility and upper body strength.  It is also less likely to result in injuries like a contact sport. 

4. Spend time outdoors

Walking and being active outdoors is great, especially being in the fresh air.  However, during bad weather our junior golfers can practise in the indoor putting studio of the state of the art golf simulator

5. Self-improvement

Golf challenges the player to improve and hone their skills.  Players analyse what they did well at and what they need to improve.  The game also teaches you to accept critiques from others – there will be disappointments as well as achievements.  Learning from mistakes and overcoming obstacles will teach important life lessons. 

6. Anyone can play

You get to meet a new people and make friends.  Men, women, children and people from all over the world can come together on the golf course. 

7. Golf is fun!

This should probably be at the top of the list, but one of the best reasons to get your son or daughter involved with golf is that they will have an absolute blast – making new friends, learning new skills and discovering new opportunities. 

Golf lessons and coaching are available daily with one of our three Golf Professionals for ages 3 plus, as part of our First Swing Golf Academy  The first session is free to attend, and after that lessons are £20 per month.  For more information you can contact the Golf Team on 01495 221905 option 2 or

We are taking part in #Blogtober which means we will be posting a different news article every day.  The challenge is to create new and exciting content for you to read throughout October.

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