Blogtober: The making of ‘Christmas 2018 at Bryn Meadows’ with Spindogs
11 Oct

Planning for your Christmas marketing materials starts as early as January for most businesses, and Bryn Meadows is no exception. Wanting to do something more extraordinary for our 2018 campaign, we outsourced the project to our website, digital marketing and print agency, Spindogs. Senior Print Designer Aled Phillips was the brainchild behind the concept. Here’s how it took shape:

Naughty or nice

The ‘Elf On The Shelf’ photoshoot at the core of our 2018 Christmas brochure was inspired by the increasingly popular Santa helper, whose job was to scout whether children are naughty or nice. Originally a US children’s book character, the ‘Elf On The Shelf’ tradition has taken the UK by storm in recent years and is now a viral Christmas tradition, complete with merchandise and Pinterest ideas boards for parents.

Drawing on the playful nature of the Elf, Aled thought up various locations across the resort where the toy could pop up, making the images appealing to adults while still keeping them family friendly. From soaking in the spa to a enjoying a sumptuous dinner and a day out on the golf course, the Christmas brochure follows the Elf along his seasonal holiday experience at the resort.

Make a list and send it

Working with the brochure copy which was already available, Aled mocked up a couple of pages to give the Bryn Meadows team a flavour of the brochure’s potential. As the content naturally inspired a host of themes to work with, such as Christmas parties and breakfast with Santa, the plan was to encapsulate each event with a different ‘Elf On The Shelf’ visual across the resort.

Deck the halls with Elves and Folly

Once the concept was approved, Aled ventured out to a day-long photoshoot on the Bryn Meadows grounds. With Elves borrowed from his nephews (who inspired the idea) and an overflowing bag of handmade props, such as a drum kit made from tin cans, a mini casino table and cards, he embarked on a meticulously planned photoshoot with photographer Phil.

Aled made sure the Elves got up to mischief in a number of locations, from the rooms themselves and Fusion Spa, to the golf course and simulator, Winners Bar and, of course, The Fairway Suite (home to the home to many of the planned Christmas events) – where they captured the dinner table shots, as well as DJ and ‘live’ band.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

With the photoshoot complete, Aled and the Bryn Meadows team handpicked a selection of photos which were edited and used alongside 3D renderings of Christmas scenes to create the final images. The 3D renderings were adapted to be Bryn Meadows specific with little details like adding pancakes and fried foods to the Breakfast with Santa images.

Once the visuals were completed, they were paired with the content and sent over to the Bryn Meadows team. With the huge scope project completed by the March deadline, all the Christmas 2018 materials were now ready to go to print.

Why not take a closer look at the finished result and download a copy of the full brochure.

And if you’re looking for a unique Christmas campaign that sets you apart next year? Head over the Spindogs website to find out how they can help you with your print design.

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