Blogtober: 6 reasons why you should pick a weekday wedding
12 Oct

Think that all of the best weddings are on the weekend?  More and more people are deciding to get married on a weekday – it is almost becoming a trend!  If you are still not convinced about the benefits, than take a look at our 6 fantastic reasons to get married on a weekday…

1. It’s kind on your budget (and you’re more likely to get the venue you want)

It’s official, midweek weddings are on the rise.  Recent figures show that 1 in 3 couples are now opting to get hitched outside the traditional weekend slot.  Even celebrities are getting in on the trend, including Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz and Eddie Redmayne. 

Like any business, the wedding industry works on supply and demand.  That means weekends, and Saturdays are the most popular day to get married.  It can also be more expensive when you tot up everything from your suppliers.  If you are willing to consider a weekday wedding, you will not only have a greater choice of dates, you will almost certainly save money.

2. You will have more chance of getting the suppliers you want

It is a common problem; you have set your heart on the venue, such as Bryn Meadows, only to find that the date has been booked years in advance.  Or worse, you have found your venue but the registrar has several weddings in the area, and you have to time your ceremony around their busy schedule. 

As well as having a greater chance of getting the wedding venue you want, you will have a much greater chance of the wedding suppliers you want.  Getting the right photography, florist, etc is going to make your wedding day memorable and by having a weekday wedding you will almost certainly find it easier to book the wedding suppliers you want.  It could be that they have several weddings on the same weekend, which means that your big day is suddenly dictated by their logistics.  Whereas, they are more likely to be quieter during the week, and can work around your needs.

3. You can choose a meaningful date

Getting married on a weekday may enable you to get married on a special or meaningful date. It could be the date you met, the anniversary of your engagement or even the date of your parents or grandparents marriage.  Or it could be something more practical – if you have a lot of guests who work in hospitality or retail they may find it easier to get the day off mid-week or during the school holidays for teachers. 

4. Pass the savings on to your guests

Mid-week nuptials are particularly well suited to intimate weddings, as well as larger weddings too.  If guests are given dates well in advance, this will help them clear their schedules or book the day off work to attend.

If they need to book a hotel stay for the night, accommodation is often significantly cheaper outside of the busier weekend wedding dates.  Plus, if it is a child-free wedding, weekdays can often be easier for sorting childcare.

5. You will not clash with any major sporting events

You want your big day to be all about you and your other half.  What you do not want is your guests checking their phone, or looking for the nearest TV screen to see the latest football or rugby scores whilst you are declaring your love for each other.  During the week, it is going to be less likely to have the sporting distraction. 

6. It’s your special day, whatever day it is!

Regardless of whether you are getting married on a weekend or a weekday, it is your wedding day!  It will be special and unique to you, surrounded by friends and family – and of course the love of your life.

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