Blogtober: World Boss Day
16 Oct

Sometimes we just don’t think enough about our Boss’s or what they go through to help keep us working and make sure our wages get paid. We often think of them as slave drivers or adversary’s with unrealistic expectations of what we can accomplish in a day, but do we ever stop to think about the work they put in to getting new clients, keeping old ones, and ensuring everything move along smoothly? Mostly not. Boss’ Day reminds us that it’s not all roses at the top of the pecking order either, so be sure to thank your boss for all they do.

How to celebrate Boss' Day

Celebrate Boss’ Day by saying thank you with a card or gift voucher, or just stop in and let them know how much you appreciate what they do. If you realise that you don’t really know what their work consists of or what demands are placed on them, Boss’ Day can also be a good opportunity to learn exactly what they do each day to keep your workplace moving smoothly.

We are taking part in #Blogtober which means we will be posting a different news article every day.  The challenge is to create new and exciting content for you to read throughout October.

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