Blogtober: Help! How do I write the perfect speech for my wedding?
18 Oct

Why is a good wedding speech like a meringue?

It’s light, frothy, has a little bite, and is served up at all the best venues!

If you’re a bride, groom, father of the bride, best man, or chief bridesmaid gearing up for your big speech, here are our top tips to make it go like a dream…

Keep it short and sweet

Between five and 10 minutes is a good length of time for a speech. Long enough to say what you’d like to say and thank everyone you need to, but short enough to prevent people squirming in their seats.

Make it heartfelt

It’s a special day, so don’t be afraid to show some emotion. Having said that, you don’t have to weep into a tissue to do that. You can make it funny, sweet, touching, and even include a bit of teasing…where appropriate!

Make it personal

There’s nothing worse than hearing a speech downloaded from the internet which has little to do with the people involved in the wedding. Ask around for funny anecdotes, tell the story of how the happy couple met.

Use visuals

Why not accompany your speech with a slideshow of old family pictures? Or, why not use images which tell the couple’s love story?

Put a new spin on old jokes

There are so many wedding jokes on the net, but your speech should contain jokes which are relevant to the couple. So, don’t be afraid to look for inspiration in the Bob Monkhouse joke book or by watching YouTube clips of Michael MacIntyre. Just make sure you put the right spin on them and make them your own.

Use props

If your groom is a football fanatic, why not use a football, red card, or whistle to spice up the speech? If your daughter loves Strictly, and you get on well with her new husband, why not give him a 10 from Len?

Practise makes perfect

That will help you feel confident in delivering it. You may want to keep your speech a surprise for the day, but you do need to practise it. So, why not try it out on someone outside the family such as a work colleague? See if it gets the laughs you expected and if not, ask why not. You can always tweak it before the big day.


Before you begin, take a few deep breaths to calm your body. That will help you slow down and relax more, and you’ll be better understood.

All you have to do now is enjoy it!

About Speechmonkey

Maria Williams is an experienced journalist and speechwriter based in Wales. Her business, Speechmonkey, crafts original wedding speeches for best men, fathers of the bride, brides, grooms, mothers of the bride, and bridesmaids.

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