We're crackers about Christmas.... and the environment!
19 Nov

We’re Crackers about Christmas… and the environment.

In 2019 we have decided to break the trend and go ‘Crackerless’

Most people will think we are literally ‘crackers’ for doing this but each year Bryn Meadows purchase and give out over 10,000 crackers. Therefore we believe that by saying ‘no’ to the Christmas cracker we will not only help in the fight against plastic but also use that money for a far greater cause.

We all know that it is traditional to have a cracker on your Christmas table and that when trying to break any tradition it can be hard. We can assure you it hasn’t been an easy decision and some people will be inevitably be upset however in reality do you really remember the Christmas cracker at the end of a lovely Christmas meal?

We would hope that the loving memories of you all sitting around, laughing and chatting whilst enjoying one of our delicious festive meal will be the only lasting impression you will have.

Our aim is that by leading the way in taking crackers away this year we are not only doing our small part in helping the environment but also giving a special Christmas gift to our two fantastic chosen charities.

We will be presenting the money raised from our campaign ‘We’re Crackers about Christmas… and the environment’ to Noah’s Ark and Velindre at the end of November and will be presenting them with a cheque for £1000.00 to each charity.

We hope that everyone visiting us in Christmas 2019 will support our decision and are just as ‘crackers’ about the environment as us!

Take a look at our news section to see us presenting the chosen charities cheque.

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